Graham C. Hall, (b. 1975, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)
lives and works, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


2000-2001  OCAD Florence, Italy.  Advanced Visual Studies Certificate programme
1997-2000  OCAD, Toronto.  Drawing and Painting Major



2021   Temps Libre/Free Time, Produit Rien, Montreal

2020 Attractors, Centre Elgar Maison de la Culture Ile des Soeurs/Verdun, Montreal

2018  Secret Work/Travail Secret, Monastiraki, Montreal

2016  Better Architectures, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2015  Optimistic Pictures, Monastiraki, Montreal

2014  2013, Monastiraki, Montreal
2013  Portraits, Espace POP, Montreal
2011  Environs, Monastiraki, Montreal
2010  Paintings, Cafe Le Boui Boui, Montreal
2008  Weekend Star, Cafe Le Cagibi, Montreal
2004  Higgledy-Piggledy Hodge-Podge, Cafe X, Concordia U., Montreal
2003  the Gathering Shadow, Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto
2003   Premium Top Quality, the Cameron House Tavern, Toronto
2002  Not To Scale, the Cameron House Tavern, Toronto
2001  The Foreign State of Heads, 1080 Bus Gallery, Toronto
2000  Multi, AWOL Gallery, Toronto



2020  Salon des Refusés, McBride Contemporary, Montreal

2014  Space Invaders, Oshawa
2013  Par Armure, articule, Montreal
2012  Change, articule, Montreal
2011   Le Pustule Fluide, Cafe Le Boui Boui, Montreal
            Je Me Souvenir, articule, Montreal
2010  the Beach, Light, and Heat, articule, Montreal
             Pied Carre, Galerie Zone Orange, Montreal
2009  Food, articule, Montreal
             Square Foot, AWOL Gallery, Toronto
             Pied Carre, Galerie Zone Orange, Montreal
2007  Video Barf, Saw Gallery, Ottawa
2006  No Bones, Casa del Popolo, Montreal
             Laser Lumiere, Sala Rosa, Montreal
2005  the Electric Art Derby, Casa del Popolo, Montreal
2003  Square Foot, AWOL Gallery, Toronto
2002  Exit, Acadia Gallery, Toronto
             the Dark Movement, Art System, Toronto
             Wreckroom, Art System, Toronto
2001   Energy Implosion:  the (905) imagination, Robert McLaughlin Gallery,            Oshawa
              Nostra Mostra Mostro, Atrium Gallery Cafe, OCAD, Toronto
              Insieme, OCAD studio, Florence, Italy
2000  Frizzante, OCAD studio, Florence, Italy
              Mini-Me, Spin Gallery, Toronto
              Blindness, AWOL Gallery, Toronto
              Kensington Outdoor Art Review, Kensington Market, Toronto
              Seven Like July, Atrium Gallery Cafe, OCAD, Toronto
              Dream, Spin Gallery, Toronto
              Graduate Exhibition, OCAD, Toronto
              House Painting (collaborative painting), the Cameron House Tavern, Toronto
1999     Grand Opening Exhibition, Art System, Toronto
              Transformers, OCAD Gallery, Toronto
1998     Grass Stains, Atrium Gallery Cafe, OCAD, Toronto
1997/98  Annual Student Exhibition, OCAD, Toronto
1996     Second Year Painting Exhibition, IDA Gallery, York U., Toronto


2001    Advanced Visual Studied in Florence Certificate, OCAD, granted
2000  AOCAD (Associate of the Ontario College of Art and Design) conferred
              Eric Freifeld Award for draughtsmanship, OCAD

              Best in Show, Kensington Outdoor Art Review, Toronto
1999     David L. Stevenson and Son drawing and painting award, OCAD


2003 to 2014  member of articule artist run centre, Montreal, (past member and president Board of Directors, programming committee, fundraising committee, members' exhibition coordinating committee, etc., etc., etc.....)

2010 to 2018  member ARCMTL Board of Directors


Since 2001 I have been involved in visual arts coordination and exhibition in a variety of ways.  From December 2001 to June 2002 I worked as co-director of the rather infamous Art System gallery in Toronto, curating and co-curating several exhibitions and events.  Since moving to Montreal in 2002 I have been involved with articule, one of the oldest artist run centres in Canada.  For several years I was employed at Toronto's legendary Cameron House tavern.  From 2008 to 2015 I worked as a custom picture framer.  From 2003 to 2017 I have exhibited at Montreal's annual small press fair, ExpoZine.  I currently work as an art handler and installer/gallery technician.  Basically, since leaving high school, I have managed to keep my work life almost entirely within the visual arts milieu.


Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ontario





New York