Artist Statement

My practice can be roughly divided into three currents:  representational drawing;  abstract painting;  and performance.


My representational work explores urban archetecture. I am attracted to unusual or idiosyncratic design, the vernacular, and buildings in a state of decay, decrepitude or over-use.


In my abstract painting I am interested in formal questions;  chiefly balance, tension, harmony and disruption.  Shapes and colour often echo those of 20th Century avant-garde movements in a conscious effort to both update historical visual strategies and to comment obliquely on attendant political associations.


I host a radio programme called "the 27th Hour of Chaos" on CKUT 90.3fm in Montreal (Mondays at 23h).  I focus on high-energy and psychedelic music from the mid-1960s to present with an emphasis on the marginal, the forgotten, and the pioneers of punk rock n' roll.  My on-air personality is improvisational and often deliberately confusing or confrontational.  I consider my playlists to be sound poems and the full hour show as an extended performance.


Ideas and themes from each of these three activities cross-pollinate and inform one another in various ways.