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Hi. This is a blog. The name of this blog is the same as the first blog I attempted to maintain, sometime around 2010. So why not try again, but better.


The name of this blog is taken from a line spoken in  a South American myth about the origin of colour in the world, as told by Subcomandante Marcos, and I hope to live up to that randomness.


In the place of an "archive" page on my website, featuring work from previous iterations of my practice, I thought it would be more interesting to write about some of that older art work and provide a few examples. Maybe I'll tell stories about the time it was made, or what it reminds me of, or why I don't like it, or how I consider it a touchstone in my development or whatever. Adventure will be had.


But let's start here. Here is a photo, a selfie, of me (myself) from summer 2020. Here we are, full pandemic and feeling a little edgy maybe. Wearing my maternal grandmother's costume jewellery from the 1950s. As one might be tempted to infer from this photograph, I suffer from anxiety and depression. As long as I can remember it has been this way, and I haven't always had help along the way like I do now. Sometimes it's managable, just background noise that I can ignore or move on from, but other times it becomes completely overwhelming. Making art has for many years now been a way to calm myself when I get all uptight. Perhaps as this blog develops we will be able to see more clearly some of the strategies I have turned to over the years; repetition, systemization, detail, slowness.


Maybe I'll write once a week? Once a month? I don't know, I haven't thought it all through just yet.